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August 8th, 2013

Greater Toronto Area- Serving high quality food, fast, hot and fresh is the goal at Hero Certified Burgers. Whether it's an original certified Heritage Angus Beef hamburger a la carte or meals for the whole family, product quality is a key part of the customer experience and business model.

And when Hero executives needed more oversight of performance across each of their locations, and managers needing a timelier and more responsive system and support - something that was lacking with the company's previous technology solution, it was a natural fit that Hero executives choose to implement a point-of-sale (POS) system with customer-facing displays from ABS Point of Sale Inc., in each and every Hero Certified Burgers and Lettieri Cafe locations.

ABS Point of Sale and Hero Certified Burger Partnership
Hero executives, like ABS Point of Sale Inc., have built thriving business models by doing things a little differently. And by implementing ABS point of sale (POS) systems with WinRest™ and AdScreen™, sales staff are servicing customers better by sharing images and information on available options, and  calculating payments and total cost very quickly - all while using less paper than before.

WinRest™ has also helped Hero Certified Burgers to streamline business processes, and are now better equipped to collect and decipher sales data amongst every one of their growing list of franchise locations. Furthermore, each of Hero's point of sale (POS) systems have large customer-facing display with it's attractive advertising campaign to help decrease perceived customer wait times, reduce the reoccurring cost of traditional and expensive print ads and further enhance revenue.

Success Ahead
As Hero Certified Burgers continue to find success with WinRest™, they also intend into to expand due to customer demand, and have plans to continue to outfit every new location with ultra-secure and reliable ABS Point of Sale Inc., dual-screen terminals.

Hero Certified Burgers Corporate Overview
Hero Certified Burgers is a quick service restaurant chain that operates concentrated in southern Ontario. The chain was founded in 2004 when John Lettieri opened the first store in Hazelton Lanes (Yorkville, Ontario). The chain has since grown to 55 locations in Ontario. Hero Certified Burgers positions themselves as being the first Canadian franchise to offer 100% Heritage Angus Beef for their burgers.
WinRest™ + HERO Certified Burgers
WinRest™ helps Canadian franchise chains reduce costs while driving overall growth strategy.
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