WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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HD LED Digital menu boards are not only a more affordable and attractive way to promote/sell menu items, it has been proven to increase margins and transform any and all environments instantly!
If you serious about increasing and even creating new revenue, then ABS HD Digital Signage solutions will help with just that! Increasing revenue has never been quite this easy!
Digital Signage and Menu Boards
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Does your current software monitor your draft and liquor pours? If not, please read why you must switch to WinRest with Asset Controls™,  the easiest and most powerful beverage management system
The presence of ABS digital signage bolsters brand communications and enables owners to develop ambitions plans for improved customer interaction for memorable and moving experiences. ABS Digital Menu Boards and Digital Signage experts help drive branding initiatives.
Having to constantly update print advertising for the seasons can be a very costly enterprise. That is why ABS HD Digital Signage solutions will help
reduce or even eliminate reoccurring print advertising costs!
ABS HD Digital Signage solutions
work in both portrait and landscape modes. However, we believe  this format  may  be  best  suited for information boards or guest info.
Whether you prefer landscape vs. a portrait mode to communicate, capturing your clients attention  is  easy  with  ABS HD Digital Signage. We highly recommend horizontal mode for digital menus.
Simple HD software and scalable systems make this the most highly functional and cost effective digital signage solution for any restaurant or entertainment complex type of environment.
ABS  Digital Signage solutions
will help your commitment to greener operations. Especially with less reliance on printed materials the cost of disposal.
Effective digital signage may even reduce customer complaints! How? ABS HD Digital Signage may help decrease  perceived  wait  times, effectively helping to build loyalty.
Instantly increase product exposure with  ABS HD  Digital Signage.  ABS Expert  advisors  can  help with initial setup for optimal client exposure and influence.
We know how important and influential the cost of implementing HD Digital Signage, which is why our software works on practically any LCD or LED HD screen or monitor!
One  of  the  best  features built right into  ABS  HD  Digital  Signage is the ability to update/change advertising campaigns  and  menus remotely, and securely from one administrator!
ABS HD Digital Signage™ Software