WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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WinVue™ includes many powerful features that are also highly customizable, such as definable views, routing options, bumping alternatives, sorting options for items and sub-items, font character sizing and colouring, restrictions, and more!
WinvVue™ allows orders to be displayed immediately for your kitchen staff, increasing the speed with which orders can be prepared. Furthermore, orders displayed via WinVue™ are much more legible than hand written tickets, and saves on the cost of paper!
Every year table service operators face demands such as higher turnovers and faster service requests.  By utilizing  WinVue™  you  can  speed  up communication  with  your  kitchen  staff  and  increase the accuracy and consistency of your services.
WinVue™  can  be  easily  configured  for  drive-thru  environments.  Our engineers have built WinVue™ to be as fast an efficient as possible to help keep your employees and customers organized and moving quickly so you can get to the next hungry customer.
Say goodbye to  those  costly  bumpbars and keypads with Kitchen Display Systems and Software From ABS. WinVue™ operating with any touch-screen monitor is easier to read and also saves the on the cost of paper!
Choose from different grid view options for each of the display stations. Routing configurations include routing based on POS terminal number, category or destination.
If reducing costs and your environmental impact is on your priority list, than know that ABS Restaurant Point of Sale Systems and Software reduce the need for printed kitchen orders.
Want to keep your settings from changing? That's easy! Configurations can be kept from changing accidentally, keeping your staff doing what they do best.
Having the ability to set ideal preparation time for an order, entered by the number of seconds will help keep the pace of operations running smoothly and efficiently. If an order has not been bumped by the time the target time is reached, the time status box changes colour and begins to flash
ABS Systems and Software  can  be  easily  configured  for any drive-thru  environments.  Our engineers have built WinVue™ to be as fast an efficient as possible to help keep your  employees and  customers  organized  and moving quickly so you can get to the next hungry customer.
WinVue™ Kitchen Display Software
 Affordable. Effective.  Kitchen Display Software that Helps.

 WinVue™ Kitchen Display Software Key Features
  Instantly Converts any CRT,LCD,LED monitor into a KDS (Kitchen Display System)
  IMPROVED! Support for more touchscreen monitors
  Keypad controller compatible
  Powered by Microsoft.NET technology

WinVue™ Benefits at a Glance

  Eliminate or reduce reoccurring paper costs instantly
  Smaller footprint than traditional Kitchen Display Systems
  Fully customizable look and colour scheme for order cues
  Fully customizable number of rows and columns
Mass order functionality
Operates from the workstation or on a stand alone PC

Our powerful kitchen video display software utilizes optimized grid and colour configuration,  which  simplify  order  preparation and communication, and decreases the average time it takes to complete an order and replaces the need for expensive bump bar hardware.

If you have any questions, chat live with an ABS Expert Advisor or call 905-278-7975 or 209-233-8846
If you operate a fast-paced restaurant, then WinVue™, our Kitchen Video Display Software, offers a vast set of tools that will help manage kitchen activities effectively which will improve the speed, efficiency and profits of your enterprise. Best of all, it is affordable, easy to configure and saves you money!

Does your current software monitor your draft and liquor pours? If not, please read why you must switch to WinRest with Asset Controls™,  the easiest and most powerful beverage management system