WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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When  your  establishment reaches capacity,  WinRest Mobile™ and Guest Screen™ provide effective tools to any host or restaurant to properly manage customer queuing to prevent overcrowded greeting areas.
Instantly reduce walk-in turn-aways and crowded greeting areas by providing guests with their table status and wait time information on attractive guest-facing displays.
Seating and Party information make it easy for your guests to know when their table is ready and if their guests have arrived.
By providing top-notch professional front-of-house service with Guest Screen™, you help drive brand loyalty, guest satisfaction and provide a more predictable and fluid restaurant.
Guest information is sent instantly and automatically to Guest Screen™ displays from your mobile device running Windows Mobile® and WinRest Mobile. Entering guest information is quick and can be performed in under 10 seconds and can be performed just about anywhere.
Keep your guests satisfied knowing they have highly-graphical guest-facing displays  showing  their  table  status and wait time information.  And the built-in multi-monitor support allows for an enhanced marketing capabilities.
Give Guest Screen™ the look and feel of your establishments brand with a fully customizable interface. And for ultimate customization, Guest Screen™ has built-in web based functionality for website integration and much more.
When  your  establishment reaches capacity,  WinRest Guest Screen™ provides  effective  tools  to  any host or  hostess  station  to  properly manage  all  customer  queuing to prevent overcrowded greeting  areas. Furthermore,  Guest Screen™  on  any mobile device running Windows Mobile 6® or  newer  allows staff  to reach customers  from just about anywhere in or near your establishment.
Great  customer  service builds  long-lasting  relationships.  Enhance your restaurants toolbox with Guest Screen™ for  wait-list management. Provide up-to-the-minute wait times with a highly graphical interface that will keep guests informed and coming back.
Replacing those costly pager systems is incredibly easy and affordable. And not only are "pagers" a liability, they can become dirty or even worse, lost. Furthermore, with Guest Screen™,  there  is  no  need for any other costly subscription based systems or applications. Guest Screen™ costs less, and does far more.
Put an end to expensive pager systems and subscription-based applications that  have  reoccurring  costs.  Guest Screen™ is affordable, costs less that traditional legacy paging and subscription-based systems, and does far more. With built-in multi-monitor support, display your wait times on one screen, and your advertising campaign/website on the other.
Guest Screen  Waitlist Management
Simple and Affordable Guest-Flow Management Made Easy

 Guest Screen™ Waitlist Management Software Key Features
  Enables highly graphical guest-facing displays to communicate wait-times
  IMPROVED! Display advertisements to guests throughout the restaurant
  IMPROVED! Display seating and waiting party information
  NEW! Web-based support
  Multi-monitor support 

  Powered by Microsoft.NET technology

Guest Screen™ Benefits at a Glance

  Relieves stress and workload on team members at the hostess stand
  Drives brand loyalty and guest satisfaction  
  Fully integrated with WinRest Mobile™
  Replaces costly legacy pager systems
When your restaurant  or  establishment is busy, WinRest™ with Guest Screen™ can instantly reduce walk-in turn-aways  and  overcrowded  greeting  areas with  effective  waitlist  management  software  and  displays.  Furthermore,  Guest Screen™ gives your guests wait-time information and the freedom to roam your establishment while they wait for their table.

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Enter guest information on any mobile device running Windows Mobile 6.0 or later.

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