WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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Our mission and values are to help  businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. For over 35 years, ABS Software Design Inc., has been designing the most innovative, secure, simple and reliable software solutions for hospitality.

Corporate Overview

In 1990 ABS Point of Sale Inc. was the first company to release a DOS based touch screen software for the hospitality industry. Over the years our products have stood the test of time and are proven to be the highest quality and most affordable in the industry. With over 10,000+ installations worldwide, ABS Software Design Inc., still continues to improve every aspect of quality, security and reliability for our communities.

Our Team
ABS Software Design Inc. employs a team of intelligent, creative individuals. The company is composed of several departments, each of which play a vital role in our company, our clients and our partner success.

Our programming department is staffed by highly trained and certified engineers that are equipped with the latest education, technology and tools to develop our highly sophisticated hospitality solutions. Our management team employs a wealth of experience and leadership and our support staff is composed of patient and knowledgeable individuals who are always willing to help. If you would like to join our team at ABS Software Design, please feel free to contact us.

ABS Restaurant Point of Sale Software
Fast, flexible and packed with convenient features, ABS software is renowned for it's simplicity, it's reliability, and it's ease of use. The design of our award-winning WinRest and family of Apps, provides an ultra-reliable and secure platform that our clients choose not to live without. With over 35 years of direct feedback from our end users, our ABS engineers continue to make a great thing even better! WinRest and the rest of the ABS Apps are packed with convenient features that will keep your restaurant running at it's full potential.

ABS Restaurant Point of Sale Systems
ABS systems are the finest platforms for data-demanding enterprise applications for Hospitality that delivers more processing power, more storage options and lower power requirements set by the EPA, giving them ENERGY STAR qualification. Because the point of sale system for your restaurant or business is one of the most important business decisions you'll make, ABS Software Design Inc., has engineered the highest quality systems built of the most secure user and software platforms that are future and environmentally friendly.

ABS and NETePay
NETePay is a PA-DSS Validated Integrated Payment Solution that adds high speed payments to any PC-based POS System interfaced to one of Datacap’s simple controls. Flexible and Secure transactions are authorized via the internet in as little astwo seconds. WinAuthorize™ now supports a new secure key encryption technology guaranteed to protect any card holder information travelling across the network. The new encryption technology use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard based on the 128 bit Rijndael encryption design. The key is encrypted by submitted windows user name and password or domain user name and password and uses native Microsoft encryption techniques for creating the key. WinRest™ automatically requests the creation of a new key once a month ensuring maximum security and protection of transaction data.
ABS and the Environment
ABS recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains all life on the earth for future generations and thereby ensuring that all humanity can attain the dream of a healthy and happy life. ABS will do this by combining ongoing innovation in environmental technology with environmentally sound business practices. ABS aims for greater eco-efficiency in its business activities through maximizing the efficiency of non-renewable energy and resource use and providing products and services with greater added value. Efforts will focus on reducing environmental pollution by complying with all applicable environmental regulations and reducing the environmental impact of energy and resource use on a continuing basis.

In its business operation, ABS is committed to the continuous improvement through a global environmental management system program that covers a wide-range of environmental activities throughout the entire business cycle.

Customer Relationship Management
If your goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience, then you'll enjoy the benefits of the ABS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for Loyalty, Gift Cards, and Delivery. Select one or all for increasing revenue and satisfying your customers experience.

Enterprise Management
If you operate a multi-location operation or franchise, ABS makes life easier with WinRest Enterprise software, an enterprise management app built on the Microsoft.NET platform. Offering flexibility and ease of use, WinRest Enterprise simplifies operations and reporting so customers can remain your highest priority. Furthermore, WinRest Enterprise and complimentary ABS apps make setting up configuration and menu creation, importing and exporting extremely fast and reliable, reducing the chances of data entry errors.

Payment Processing
ABS Software Designs Inc. is proud to announce its integration to DataCap Systems, Inc., payment processing solutions. WinAuthorize™ is now seamlessly integrated to Datacap’s DSI ClientX and NETePay server technologies. WinAuthorize™ users now have the ability to connect to over 20 different payment processors seamlessly. More importantly, if the merchant wants to switch payment processors at any time, this can be done quickly and easily without any interruption to the business operations.

Restaurant Point of Sale
Every restaurant operation is different that is why ABS provides the latest and most complete POS solutions that works for your own needs. Packed with valuable features and backed by robust technology, ABS lets you focus on your customers experience and gaining their loyalty. Whether you have a single unit or a chain of hundreds of locations, ABS restaurant point of sale solutions are flexible, scalable, and modular for a customized solution that's right for you.

We Make it Easier!
Your time is extremely valuable and you can do without a system that will take forever to comprehend. Built with ease-of-use in mind, ABS Software and Systems for restaurant POS, will allow your staff to spend more time with customers.