WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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All changes to your database are stored securely, ready for synchronization.
Database Backup Server monitors all database modifications across every POS workstation in your network. If one or more of your workstations were unable to access the Server database, then Database Backup Server instantly starts to replicate and log all changes in an XML file, ready to be synchronized with your other data.
Now with Database Backup Server technology, peace of mind for business owners and operations is affordable and integrates directly with all versions of WinRest.
We know you have a business to operate, so we've worked dillegently to make life easier. With 93% of companies that suffer significant data loss have major difficulty complying with industry regulations and data accountability. Database Backup Server eliminates any gap in database protection.
The best way to ensure that backups are done in a consistent and timely manner is to establish scheduled backups. And scheduling a database back up with ABS restaurant software is easy to perform. Select the time of day and where to store your backup files. It's that easy.
Database Backup Server achitecture has been developed by ABS engineers to save time by detecting and correcting problems that can affect your database, automatically.
Not only does Database Backup Server affordable, saves time, it also saves money. In the event of
Database Backup Server manages the synchronization and conversion of your backup datavbase into your current database.
A great ROI is one of your primary concerns when operating a restaurant and/or franchise. And having the technology that provides that protection will ensure that your enterprise is ready for anything.
WinRest Database Backup Server takes two backup images of your database daily, allowing you to choose what file to sync to your database.
In the even of a POS terminal disruption due to natural disaster or human error, Database Backup Sever instantly begins to capture any changes such as sales, voids, employee and inventory changes.
Synchronizing any changes that was saved by Database Backup Server is easily completed by following a step-by-step wizard. And that's it! Keeping your data safe has never been so easy.
WinRest Database Server software is trusted by small and large organizations around the globe.  If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use backup solution, please contact us today.

Database Backup Server  
Is your database protected? Backup Protection.
 AdScreen™ Key Features and Technologies
  Easy to customize and change advertising campaigns
  IMPROVED! Customize your ad campaign from anywhere with internet access
  IMPROVED! Dynamic content such as movies, news, weather, time, the big game*
  Display the bill information with or without ads
  Powered by Microsoft.NET technology

AdScreen™ Benefits at a glance

  Generate income immediately by advertising for your partners
  Up-sale items that you wish easily from any web-enabled device
  Inform your end users of critical information that they appreciate
  Modernize the look of your establishment with energy-efficient LED LCD's

Since your database is continually being modified with every item sold, every employee signing in and out, and any other variety of changes, having a database backup plan is a very inexpensive insurance policy. If any of your POS terminals were to ever experience a loss of data caused by a natural disaster or even human error, having WinRest Database Backup Server™ is your ultimate safeguard to database protection!

With WinRest Database Backup Server™, you can have the confidence in knowing that in any event throughout the business day, your database is protected in real-time, and can be easily restored with any changes that may have taken place since the last known backup.

If you have any questions, chat live with an Expert Advisor or call 905-278-7975 or 209-233-8846

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"WinRest has been a complete success from concept to it's implementation. We've been able to expand our restaurant to twelve locations and we are proud to say that WinRest was a pivotal factor in why. "

  Ashley Young
  The Great Plains B&G,LLC.,
  Houston, Texas