WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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Introducing WinRest™ and Pay At Table™
Accept payments quickly and easily. You will appreciate the power and simplicity.

Ultra-Secure, fast, and portable.  If you already have or are thinking about using WinRest™,
now is the time because together with Pay at Table, customers will know that their credit card
data is safer, and they can pay for their bill much faster, keeping them loyal with excellent service.
As the final point of contact with patrons, payments remain a critical part of outstanding customer
service. If this is important to you, then read on or contact your authorized WinRest™ Reseller
today to learn how to get started by calling 905-278-7975.
  How WinRest Pay at Table™ Will Benefit Your Establishment

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will WinRest Pay at Table™ help increase revenue?

A. With faster table turnovers, happier customers, and less liability of credit card fraud, WinRes Pay at Table will help keep customers coming back for more. All of this translates into loyal customers, who in turn, spend more with you.

Q. Can I process cards that have Chip & Pin technology? And what is it?

A. Yes. And with EMV (Global standard for Integrated circuit cards) coming to the US, the time to get started is now.  EMV is a security framework that defines payment interactions at the physical, electrical, data and application levels for an increased level of security. This technology will be required in the US as of October 2016.

Q. How many PinPads with WinRest Pay at Table™ can I implement in my establishment?

A. There is virtually no limit to how many devices you can connect to WinRest™. You can start with as many as is required, and if necessary, you always have the ability to add more payment terminals to your system.

Q. Apart from EMV, how else does WinRest Pay at Table™ enhance an establishment?

A. Giving staff the ability to retrieve their tables/transactions right from the Pin Pads without having to access the point of sale, leaves the machines available for order entry, reporting or anything else for that matter. Furthermore, customers never lose sight of their debit card during the payment process, taking away that uncomfortable feeling. Contact your authorized WinRest™ Reseller today to learn how to get started by calling 905-278-7975.