WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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Does your current software monitor your draft and liquor pours? If not, please read why you must switch to WinRest with Asset Controls™,  the easiest and most powerful beverage management system engineered for the hospitality industry. The Hospitality Industry, historically has been plagued by slippage problems that far exceeds any other business sector. A lack of employee responsibility and accountability results in the average establishment losing up to 25% of it's draft and liquor revenues. That all ends when you implement WinRest with Asset Controls™!

If you have any questions, chat live with an Expert Advisor or feel free to call 905-278-7975.

This version of WinRest with Asset Controls™ is highly recommended for general type Restaurant and/or Bar, Pizzeria, Steak House, Hotel restaurant/kitchen, Sports Arena, Pool Hall, Movie Theatre, Entertainment Complex and more.

 WinRest with Asset Controls™ Key Features
  Monitor all your draft and liquor pours in real time from just about anywhere
  Biometric security options for bartender identification integrity
  Four portion sizes provides accuracy and consistency for pouring
  Identify over pours, under pours, substitutions and giveaways
  IMPROVED! Multiple "user levels" allow varying degrees of access
  Variance reports by Bartender, Drink, and Liquor and Draft Brand
  Powered by Microsoft.NET technology

 WinRest with Asset Controls™ Benefits
  Engineered to make point of sale extremely easy to learn, teach & use
  NEW! Backup options protects your important files from loss
  back up to your Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD, Blackberry, iPod and online storage -
  PCIDSS compliant – assures your guests’ privacy and security
  Advanced Power Tools for your X and Z reports
  Fast and flexible Employee management

  Fast and flexible Menu management
  Fast and flawless inventory levels and costs
  Graphing tools track changes in customer purchasing trends
  Compatible with multiple hardware platforms
  Scalable to fit any sized operation
  Fully accessible via the web

Want to Calculate The Cost of Operating Your Establishment WITHOUT WinRest Asset Controls™?
Move the dials to best match what your business does.

*U.S. National Average = 5 shots per bottle
"WinRest with Asset controls has been a complete success from concept to it's implementation. We've been able to expand our restaurant locations and have started to generate more income from our draft and liquor pours! We are proud to say that Asset Controls was a pivotal factor in why. "

  Alice Nightengale
  The Ridge Bar & Grill, LLC.,
  Aspen, Colorado

An End to the Industry Problem is Here...
Introducing WinRest with Asset Controls™ for Point of Sale
WinRest Asset Controls Software Box
This version on WinRest was designed for easy installation so you can know your bar inside and out. Furthermore, once completed the rapid installation, your staff will be able to server your patrons faster and more accurate than ever!
A great return on investment (ROI) is one of your primary concerns when operating a restaurant. And having technology that provides that  protection will ensure that your enterprise can continue to run smoothly and is ready for anything. Take advantage of WinRest with Asset Controls™ to protect your liquor and draft pours.
All versions of WinRest™ seamlessly integrate all aspects of hospitality and restaurant management with ultra-secure communication based on AES(256 Bit) encoding; technology based on the same standards as https/SSL, and used by nearly all financial institutions.
Choose what alerts you would like to receive and how often. ABS software combines several trusted technologies to deliver real-time results and provide business owners with real-time sales information directly into their inbox.
WinRest enabled workstations provide  by-the-minute  variance reports and can be customized to provide  alerts through email or smartphones  if  reported pours exceed normal.
Know what happens - the minute it happens. Every workstation that distributes alcohol can be securely monitored  in  real-time,  24/7 and can be viewed  locally  or  remotely from  anywhere  in  the  world  with Internet access. No more staff giveaways!
What makes Asset Controls so reliable? In a word: intelligence. The software continuously checks itself to ensure it is working properly - so you can relax knowing your your inventory is thoroughly protected.
Are you currently using biometrics in your establishment?  If not, it's time to start. Not only is biometric technology affordable, WinRest™ has built-in support for such fraud-prevention measures that immediately deter and in many cases, ends fraudulent activity.
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Does your current software monitor your draft and liquor pours? If not, please read why you must switch to WinRest with Asset Controls™,  the easiest and most powerful beverage management system