Data has revealed that customers who order on their mobile devices spend an average of 15-20% more than they would in-store.
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Branded Mobile Ordering Apps + You
ABS Software Design Inc., helps franchise chains drive loyalty with customized Apps.

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

1 GHz or faster Intel® processor
2 GB of RAM for 32-bit OS (4GB if running on a virtual machine or 64-bit OS)
600 MB of available hard disk space 
Android ® device running WinRest eWallet
Magnetic Card Reader
Pin Pad for accepting payments with WinAuthorize™ (Optional)
Second LCD/LED Monitor/Display for Customer Facing Display

Software requirements
Microsoft .NET Frameworks ® 3.5
Firebird SQL 2.0
® POS Ready 2009 or above, 7, 8, 8.1,10
AdScreen™ for WinRest™
WinRest 1.96 Professional™ or above
WinRest Enterprise™ 3.5 or above

Additional Requirements
Internet Access from an ISP *
Subscription to WinRest Enterprise™ **

* User is responsible for Internet service provider account, all Internet access fees, and phone charges.
** User is responsible for an Enterprise subscription account.

Scan the QR Code with your Android
device to download the App.
Extend Your Reach to 2.5+ Billion Devices with an App from ABS Software Design Inc.

You already have fans of your business, so a great mobile app can help reinforce their positive feelings. ABS makes it possible to reach your loyal customers and connect like never before.

Web Ordering and Rewards Through Your Very Own Branded App

How visible is your business on the mobile market? Take your business mobile fast and easy with ABS Software Design Inc., and push ahead of your competitors because customer remote ordering and customer loyalty may be the only marketing tool you need. 

Imagine clients ordering and paying for their meal right from their Apple © or Andriod © smartphone! It is possible with WinRest Mobile Pay™.  Less waiting in line, and more grab and go.
Generate Revenue Like Never Before.

Having a branded app for your establishment will likely attract more new customers and potentially have existing clients spending even more than they normally do versus face-to-face and phone in orders.

And with the demand for mobile ordering options on the rise, having the most efficient, affordable and robust point of sale system that is integrated to your branded app is essential to operating a profitable restaurant.
Web Ordering and Much More.

Give your customers the ability to place their order from any web-enabled device. So even if, for whatever reason, their mobile device is unavailable, they can still place an order via the web.

Furthermore, push-back notifications will notify the user if there is an issue or changes to their mobile order. The user will get a push-notification and an email indicating any changes to the desired pickup time, or if the order cannot be processed. Get started right away by contacting your authorized WinRest™ Reseller or call 905-278-7975 today.

Point of Sale like never before.

Want to get into your current and potential customers smartphone? Make them lifelong customers with your very own branded app from ABS Software Design Inc., that allows them to place orders, load, manage and pay using their credit card or electronic gift card, send electronic coupons, search for stores on the map, and much more.

Our developers have been hard at work to create an easy-to-use, intelligent and secure mobile order experience that will encourage lifelong relationships with your customers.
WinRest Mobile Order and Pay™ data is  protected with the latest technologies that utilize a combination of hardware authentication and end-to-end ultra-secure 128-bit SSL encryption.
WinRest Mobile Pay™ for your establishment is fully customizable, with your branding, menu, gift card and loyalty management. Click here to learn more about how we have helped existing customers.
A branded App from ABS Software Design Inc., helps engage current and would-be customers to create life-long relationships. Data reveals that loyalty campaigns pay off, ranking No.1 in mobile marketing effectiveness.
Our team of developers focus on your goals, requirements and success to provide feature-rich mobile apps that that integrate right into WinRest™. Get your business in high-gear today with solutions from ABS Software Design Inc.
ABS Software Design Inc., can put your menu into the hands of your customers on the go. Mobile ordering can accommodate up to 20% more guests.
Our developers can help make the most out every second during business hours with a mobile ordering app that has direct integration with WinRest™.  This means more time, less errors, and an outstanding customer experience.

Scan the QR Code with your
Android device to download
the App.

Why ABS Software Design Inc., Makes Amazing Apps