WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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Don't miss an opportunity to share your company mission, goals and vision.  It is easier than ever to get the message out to your customers to drive loyalty and satisfaction.
If the inventory isn't there when the customer is ready to buy, the patron isn't happy and you've lost a sale. Billions are lost every year s imply  because inventory isn't on hand.  But it doesn't have to be this way. WinRest™ can keep you and your staff informed so you know what you have and what you need to keep sales going.
WinRest Professional™  fully integrates accounting functionality.  Use instant search to find and review all transactions in a summarized or fully detailed format. And to make your accountant really happy, hit export to save them in his or hers favorite file format!
When you welcome a new member to your staff, WinRest Professional™ offers a great way to train them without altering your data while in "training-mode." You can also decide who gets access to what, and only employees with a managerial profile can export data and use management features.
Ever wished you could figure out exactly what happened, and when?  With every transaction,  WinRest Professional™  offers access to a handy history interface.  One click gets you a complete list of charges and transactions, when they were produced and by whom.  You can also add notes for your-self or your co-workers easily for later referral.
Accept and record cash, credit card and other payments quick and easily. Furthermore, WinRest™ allows you to design  and customize your receipt for logos, barcodes, website and social media information.
Track transaction and card history with with ease. Using the built in reporting and tracking features provide complete and detailed information that your  administrators require to help keep your loyalty program running at full speed. Furthermore, those who own gift and loyalty cards have the ability to check their balances online!
Clear information is key for any manager.  WinRest Professional™ reports give a full overview of a wide variety of metrics.  Choose from a wide range of ready-made reports, or make your own custom ones.  For some serious number-crunching, you can simply export reports to an Excel® File.
You can easily configure all versions of WinRest point of sale software for any drive-thru environment. Our software engineers have built WinRest to remain accurate, fast and efficient as possible to keep employees and patrons organized and moving quickly in order to get to the next hungry customer.
Every year table service operators face more demands such as higher turnovers and faster service requests.  By utilizing WinVue, communication with kitchen staff is easy and very affordable.
Efficient table management is crucial to the success of dinning operations at your establishment.  That is why WinRest Professional™ includes the fastest and easy to use Table Management functionality.  From designing your floor space to match your restaurant's interior/exterior, to ordering and serving your patrons.
The main reason patrons don't stop for food or beverages is because the size of the line.  That is why if you are a Pub, Nightclub or especially an Entertainment Complex operator, WinRest is the fastest and easiest software that enables your staff to serve patrons quickly to increase customer satisfaction.
In fast food/quick service environments, it's all about accuracy and speed! Get WinRest for to accelerate services rendered to enhance and maintain brand loyalty.
Give your IT, Kitchen, Wait staff or Accounting department access to only what you deem appropriate.  So whether you'd like to allow your staff access to voids, printing or recalling bills, or even access to certain screens, WinRest™ gives the industry's best protection!
Managing your restaurant staff is easy with the many Employee Utilities that are built right into every version of WinRest™.  From scheduling, pay, reporting, availability, eligibility, table ownership and much more, WinRest™ provides the best set of tools for effective labor management.
WinRest™ integrates with Microsoft Excel®   and Adobe PDF Reader®   for maximum usability to view Inventory, EOD Reports, Sales to Cash Flow Management, Loyalty Reward programs and much more, so that everyone in the enterprise has access information to make the right decisions based on the situation at hand.
WinRest Professional™ for mobile POS solutions provided servers on-the-go a way to enter and process orders in real-time, table side.  Now the point of sale systems follow the server.  Servers no longer have to crowd around a single wired POS station.  And no more hearing the kitchen has run out of stock after taking an order - WinRest Professional™ can track stock and updates immediately.
WinRest Professional™ keeps your team informed with programmed alerts and notifications based on a schedule that you determine.  This takes report scheduling to the next level by having the reports you scheduled automatically sent directly to your mobile device, management team, head office or anyone you deem appropriate.
AdScreen truly enhances the shopping experience - you decrease the perceived customer wait times, increase product awareness, brings a nationalized look and feel to your store location, and  much much more..
If your business takes you to your customers home, the freedom of WinRest™ and WinAuthorize™ provides a convenient and secure way for patrons to pay with credit and / or  debit cards.  WinRest™ wireless POS terminals are ideal for delivery persons,  and anyone else who needs to collect payment while on the go.
WinRest and WinAuthorize seamlessly integrates directly to Datacap’s DSIClientX and NETePay server technologies and have the ability to connect to over 20 different payment processors. And more importantly, switching can be done quickly and easily without any interruption to the business operations.
Provide faster service for customers directly at their table. WinAuthorize™ and WinRest™ offer patrons the increased privacy and total convenience of settling payment right at the table. Click here to learn more.
All versions of WinRest™ seamlessly integrate all aspects of hospitality and restaurant management with ultra-secure communication based on AES(256 Bit) encoding; technology based on the same standards as https/SSL, and used by nearly all financial institutions.
WinRest Professional™ running AdScreen™ makes it easy for your patrons to see exactly what they've ordered and how much they're paying/saving, while continuing to see what other services and products you have to offer.
Impulse purchases represent almost 40% of all purchases made according to test by Harvard University. WinRest™ along with AdScreen™  helps increase these impulse purchases by displaying eye-catching advertising campaigns.
Some of the financial benefits include; possible new recurring revenue streams by promoting your partners products and services, an increase in impulse purchases and much more.
We know that many of your customers are servicing all day and often late at night, very early in the morning, holidays or on weekends.  Our applications are proven to be reliable and easy to use, but it's always good to know that an expert is only a call away, 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week with our Premium Tech Support Program.
Allow us to host your enterprise server and enjoy piece of mind by using the latest in hardware and server technology, our systems are sock solid.  Our enterprise hosting solutions reside on only the lest, most powerful and most reliable servers available. We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to increase reliability and decrease downtime.
All ABS hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 100 days of complimentary telephone support. To extend your coverage further, purchase the ABS EasyEquip Protection Plan.

Our ABS engineers and technical experts address the technology challenges you face today, such as proactive problem avoidance services to help ensure you achieve maximum uptime and receive rapid response-times to technical issues.
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Employee Management
Report Management Tools
Payments and Receipts
Complete Training via ABS EasyEquip
Unmatched Infrastructure
24/7 Support
Increase Impulse Purchases
Share Your Message
Financial Benefits
Display Bill Information
Enhance the Shopping Experience
Ultra Secure
Choice of Payment Processors
Labor Management
Table Management
"Tablet-Side" Ordering
Report Automation
Integrated Reporting
Employee Permissions
Quick Service
Table Service
Entertainment Complex
History and Notes
Loyalty, Gift Cards, Rewards!
Inventory Management
WinRest Software, restaurant pos software, award winning restaurant pos software
 WinRest Professional™ Hospitality and Restaurant POS Software Key Features
  Biometric security options for bartender identification integrity
  IMPROVED! Multiple "user levels" allow varying degrees of access
  IMPROVED! Optimized 256bit SSL Secured Remote Access and Support
  NEW! Guest Screen™ feature  for effective wait-list management
  Powered by Microsoft.NET technology

WinRest ULTIMATE™ Benefits at a Glance

  Engineered to make point of sale extremely easy to learn, teach & use
  NEW! Backup options protects your important files from loss back up to
Blackberry, iPhone and online storage

  PCIDSS compliant – assures your guests’ privacy and security
  Centralized Inventory Management
Centralized Menu and Recipe Management

  Fast and flexible Menu management
  Centralized Cash Management
  Centralized Employee and Labor Management
  Compatible with multiple hardware platforms
  Streamlined ultra secure Payment Processing
  Loyalty and Rewards Membership Website*
  Fully accessible via the web

The award-winning WinRest Professional™, continues to be the industries leading restaurant management software solution.  Providing a flexible, ultra reliable and  secure  platform  that our clients choose not to live without. ABS engineers with 35 years of direct feedback from our end users, continue to make a great thing even better.  This version of  WinRest™  is packed  with  convenient features and is world-renowned for it's simplicity, it's security, and it's ease of use. You can always chat live with an ABS Expert Advisor or call 905-278-7975 or 209-233-8846 today.

WinRest Software, restaurant pos software, award winning restaurant pos software
WinRest Software, restaurant pos software, award winning restaurant pos software
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