WinRest™ HMS RMS has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 
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Customized Mobile Apps + You
ABS Point of Sale Inc., helps franchise chains drive loyalty with customized Apps.
Extend Your Reach to 2.5+ Billion Devices with an App from ABS Point of Sale Inc.

You already have fans of your business, so a great mobile app can help reinforce their positive feelings. ABS makes it possible to reach your loyal customers and connect like never before.

Why ABS Point of Sale Inc., Makes Amazing Apps
Lifetime Relations
Staying connected with your customers is the key to keeping them happy and loyal. Reach out with news, promotions, coupons and much more.
Branding and Design
Have an App that shines as an extension on your brand and ABS developers can help get you there.
Attract New Life Time Clients
Attracting and retaining new clients will be easier with a customized App developed for your business.
Online Ordering
Keep prospective customers when they order through your App rather than through a third-party. Click here to learn more.
Measured Results
Our team knows results matter. So get an App for ABS that delivers measurable results, like increased customer loyalty and revenue.
Ongoing Support
Rest assured knowing that an App created for you will come with the ability to receive access to ongoing support from ABS Developers.
User Experience
ABS Developers build Apps with over 30+ years of direct feedback from end users. We get it, so our Apps are beautiful and very easy to use.
App Architecture
Have an App that is ready for the future as devices adopt 64-bit processors for enhanced performance and security.
Boost & Reward Customer Loyalty

What  is  the  best way to boost customer and reward loyalty? Thankfully there are  a  number of ways to boost and reward loyalty, however, only and app from ABS will allow you to reach your clients on their smartphone with rewards and much more.
Customer Engagement

How can I engage my customers even further? Find out your customers' favorites and learn how to keep them coming back. Use these insights to reward their loyalty with real promotional tools such as in-app updates.
Paying with your Smartphone!

Can my clients pay their bill with their smartphone? Yes they can! If you are already using WinRest Enterprise™ for your gift cards then allow your clients to settle their transactions with their smartphone.
Online Web Ordering and More

Is online ordering for my company available? Yes! Placing an order for delivery or pickup is easier than ever. More than half of restaurant websites are visited via a mobile device, so give your customers an app that allows them to find you and even place their order!
Attract New Customers

How does one attract one new customers? Start with an app built by the experts. People already love you and want to connect with your company in other ways. And being available in the mobile world will allow new and current clients to find you.
A Customized App built by ABS: FAQ
Case Study:
My Burrito Boyz App
The official Burrito Boyz app for Android helps simplify gift card transactions and more. Eliminate the plastic in your wallet and pay with your smart phone. Plus, customize the look of you wallet, reload your balance electronically, conserve paper and receive your digital receipt straight to your smart phone.
The feedback we've recieved about our App has been fantastic! We are really able to connect with each of our customers. Thank you!
The WinRest User Manual App has really helped my team of resellers.
I am very pleased with every aspect of my App. My clients are just as grateful.
CEO, Mountain Top Grill
Canada & US
R&D , POS RG Canada
CEO, Burrito Boyz
Be Where Your Customers Are

How visible is your business on the mobile market? Take your business mobile fast and easy with ABS Point of Sale Inc., and push ahead of your competitors because customer loyalty may be the only marketing tool you need. 

With a custom built business app from ABS, you can drive revenue to your business with real promotional tools, mobile payment for gift cards and even online ordering.